Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ghetto Myspace vs. Classy Facebook?

Implications of user choice: The Cultural Logic of "Myspace or Facebook?" by Danah Boyd is an article that treats the Myspace vs. Facebook dilemma.  She claims, based on her data, that Myspace was more "ghetto" and Facebook was a classier social website, mostly for educated people.  There are many reasons why teens chose to use Facebook over Myspace and vise versa.  Some chose Myspace because it is more complex. Others chose Facebook because apparently it was for people of "higher class." Kids and teens chose to be where their friends were. Basically what is being said here is that Facebook was a place for high school honors kids and college students, while Myspace was, well, for "chunts."
Myspace came out first, and it became very popular fast. Almost everyone in my school and in other schools had a Myspace account and went on it daily. It became the sensation among middle, to high scholars. I noticed that at one point, after Facebook came out, a lot of my friend's statuses were like, "Myspace sucks.. I want the old Myspace back.. and, Catch me at Facebook." Rumors were that Tom -the Myspace website creator- had sold the website to another person, (up to this date I still don't know if that was true or not) but since that point on, it seemed like everyone started switching from Myspace to Facebook.
The three main reasons why I switched websites and went to Facebook were:
  • Myspace got too complicated to use; too many new features and way too many adds.
  • Most of my friends stopped using it and switched as well, so I had not many friends to talk to. It got boring.
  • And the main reason is because after a while, I could not longer sign in; either someone changed my password or Myspace just simply wouldn't let me log in.
Facebook does look and sound classier than Myspace, but that doesn't mean that only ghetto people use Myspace or that only high class people use Facebook. Facebook is very diverse; and I see every kind of people using it: from poor to rich, from ignorant to educated, from ugly to pretty. It doesn't matter; kids, teenagers, adults, almost everyone is on Facebook now-a-days, and Myspace seems to be a thing from the past.