Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Space

For the project space visit my group and I decided to go to the CSUN Pub & Grill.  At the time we went there really wasn't much people.  We got there at around 9:45, and the people that we saw there were for the most part just grabbing some breakfast and studying, or using their laptops.  There were some other just hanging out with their friends, and perhaps just waiting for their next class.  The purpose of the Pub is for students to just forget about school and relax.  Maybe grab a beer and some food and watch sports on the big screens.  I think the Pub fullfills its purpose, because it does get pretty packed later on during the day with students wanting to relieve their stress and just hang out with friends.  On the walls I also noticed jerseys from CSUN's different sporting clubs and old pictures of athletes and teams from the school.  The Pub at the usu is the place to go if you want to relieve your stress, forget about school, and just hang out with your friends.

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