Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Space: Movie Theaters

For our project space my group and I decided to explore and observe the environments of different movie theaters.  Each one of us went to a different movie theater on different days.  I, along with a friend went to two theaters on wednesday night.  We first went to Century which is pretty close to my house, but we forgot to check the times for the movies online and so when we got there we saw that no movies were being displayed until like 2 hours later, and we were too late to watch the ones being played at the moment. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but notice the emptyness of the theater.  There were only like 2 or 3 persons already inside that I could see, and not one person outside.  We then headed to AMC in city walk. I don't think I had been to that AMC on a wednesday night before, and i was surprised to see the little amount of people there. Usually when I go there there's a pretty big line but not this time, there was no line at all. Inside the theater there were some people here and there, not many though; either couples or little groups of friends, I would guess ages 17 and over. When we went inside to watch the movie I was shoked to see the room empty.  Literally it was only my friend and I inside the room watching the movie, which happened to be an scary one. Only one more person went in to watch that movie. He was an old man with a big, white beard just by himself, he looked kinda scary.
I went to the Century theater again on a friday night with another friend. We watched the movie that had just come out, Project X. This time the line was much bigger, and I saw many more people. Ages, I would guess, ranged from 15 to like 30 perhaps.  I saw a lot of groups of friends, both females and males, and some groups of just pure males.  People were buying popcorn and sodas at the entrance. Inside the room, unlike wednesday night, it was pretty packed. It was supposed to be only 18+ but I saw some kids that looked much younger in there. During the movie people were cracking up at times, but silent and attentive as well.
Movie theaters serve to entertain people of all ages specially on the weekends. Theaters serve their purpose very well, because it is a place to distract yourself from all the stress that one may have from work or school. However, the environment of a theater depends very much on the day and time you go. If you go on any weekday or in the mornings you're likely to see the theater dead, not many people there. Weekends at night is when movie theaters see major activity.

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