Saturday, April 7, 2012

As Nature Made Him

After reading a little portion of the book "As nature made him" one of the first things i thought about was bruce's parents' reaction or feelings about what had happened to their son.  It's just unimaginable they way they were feeling, knowing that their son would never live a normal life as a boy or man.  The book argues about gender and sex.  It says that gender is socially constructed.
It is the year 1966 was the accident happens.  After having twins, Ron and Janet discover that one of their sons has difficulties peeing, o they take them to the pedestrian so they could be circumsized and thus solve the problem.  Unfortunately the doctor that does that type of surgery was not available the day that the twins were scheduled to go.  Another doctor takes on the job but the surgery goes wrong and the doctor burns Bruce's pennis.  Ron and Janet are obviously worried about him and his future.  They are concerned about their son's future, sexually as well and socially.  They say he would never be a whole man. 
They later see this guy on tv called Dr. Money who talks about turning males into females and vice versa.  He offered this procedure as a solution for babies born with sexual abnormalities.  Ron and Janet saw this as an opporunity to help make easier the life of Bruce.  I personally am not ok with the fact that people change their sex.  But this story changed my view.  In some cases such as Bruce's it may be the best option for them.  Still, I feel like the parents, despite the fact that their parents, shouldn't decide whether the child should be turned from a boy to a girl or vice versa.  I think they should let the kid grow up and make his own choice, based on what HE/SHE thinks is best for them.  Parents can't just force their kid to be a certain gender, I feel like in such cases (and only in such cases) when the kid comes out with defects with their genitalia, the kid himself at a mature age should make the best option for him/herself.
The book so far seems pretty interesting and has me intrigued about what will happen to Bruce.

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