Sunday, April 15, 2012

As Nature Made Him #2

The book had an ending that I could have had foreseen.  Like I said in the previous post parents should not force their kid to be a certain gender.  It may have seemed like the best option at first for their kid to be transformed into a girl so he would not suffer as a man growing up, due to the accident he suffered with his genitalia.  Yet, I think humans should not mess with nature.  What we biologically are, noone can change, not even science.  Dr. Money had an interesting idea though.  Everything we know and do, we learn from our parents as we grow up.  We all go through a process called "enculturation" which is when people learn to behave and be a member of a society.  So, if the way we act, and behave can be controlled and shaped as we grow up, it only makes sense that people could control someone's sexual orientation as well.  Nonetheless, that is a biological feature that we are born with.  Males are, or are supposed to be attracted to females and vice versa, so they can reproduce and keep the cycle of life going. So trying to challenge that fact is unthinkable.  It's kind of like teaching an apple tree to grow oranges. 
Like bruce said in the end, we will be who we trully are.  Science might be able to change people's genitalia, but it can't change people's personalities and self indentities.  In the battle of Nature vs. Nurture I think nature will always win.  It's good to do experiments to find new things that could be helpful in the future. But, things, animals ,and humans, are naturally created in a certain way, because that's the way it's supposed to be for the life cycle to go on, and people and science shouldn't mess with that.

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